Photographic signs of time


Signs of Time are what it would be expected from photography.
Photographs are documents which tell something about the past. Photographs, anyway have the property of focusing the observer’s attention on what the author noticed and cropped from reality in that instant.
In my Signs of Time I try to make and share my personal  jigsaw portrait of our time.

Images are gethered in the following projects:

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Technology may be a jewel. TUM Catalysis Research Center Munich, Germany  

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They had been in my mind for a long time: the New York one was almost ready, the Venice one was just in my mind. A photograph made last winter and kept aside in order to create a Holistic Vision with it. Then, yesterday I suddenly  felt the necessity of finishing these two works: they…

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Silenzi is a project started in 1999 as a survey on the landscape of south-west Sardinia. The heritage of South-West Sardinia mining epics is a huge silent legacy made of treasures and poison, unemployment and resources, ideas, hopes, bureaucracy. SILENCES was born thanks to Stefano Rachel, Carlo Porrà and Mario Massa: these magic musicians composed…

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