Photographic signs of time

Natura Sapiens

A survey about Landscape
intended as the complexity of relationships between Nature and Humans.

Along the edges and in the corners of landscape I search for the relations of humans with the environment. Harmony and chaos mingle all the time.

Antara KumbhakaNatura_Sapiens1 Natura_Sapiens2 Natura_Sapiens3 Natura_Sapiens4 Natura_Sapiens5 Natura_Sapiens6 Natura_Sapiens7 Natura_Sapiens8 Natura_Sapiens9Fence - Barriera Natura_Sapiens10 Natura_Sapiens11 Natura_Sapiens12 Natura_Sapiens13 Natura_Sapiens14 Natura_Sapiens15 Natura_Sapiens16 Natura_Sapiens17 Natura_Sapiens18

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It’s in the women delicate as a leaf and tenacious like ivy that I see the roots of our humanity And by the woman are our roots in Earth Mother. This hope to every man: to understand it, to see it.


Coal – Nuraxi Figus, Sardinia


From here my soul will never reach the sea heart goes on beating on the sand To a friend of a past time


Go, and climb the social grid until you get to the top. Do not look at nothing and nobody but the top. Where are you going?