Photographic signs of time


Snapsights bloom suddenly, often when visiting a unknown city
Snapsights are gathered by cropping un-mediated images while keeping senses well-tuned into the place.

New York

Exit strategy NY_Snapsight#17 NY_Snapsight#16 NY Taxi #2 NY Taxi #1 NY_Snapsight#2 New York recycling people NY_Snapsight#14 NY_Snapsight#13 NY_Snapsight#12 NY_Snapsight#11 NY_Snapsight#10 NY_Snapsight#9 NY_Snapsight#8 NY_Snapsight#7 NY_Snapsight#6 NY Snapsight #3

Around in Italy

loneliness Snake_sniper Milano-Snapsight#1

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Milano – spaces

A dark sky instead of the top of the tunnel and the muggy air at the Metro station becomes a fresh breeze in this perennial night.

Queensboro Bridge

NY City – The Queensboro bridge in the afternoon. When approaching the bridge it almost seems impossible to pass through that steely forest. Once onto I felt like being in a thick branched wood,  made of very tidy branches.

Hidden cities 3

[…] if you move along Marozia’s compact walls, when you least expect it, you see a crack open and a different city appear.  Then, an instant later, it has already vanished. Italo Calvino – Invisible cities


It happens, you walk alone on your way deeply swimming in the stream of your own thought. But raising your eyes you read a harmless sign and you suddenly would like to do the opposite.