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Vorrei aggiungere che non è soltanto il linguaggio che mi sembra colpito da questa peste. Anche le immagini, per esempio. Viviamo sotto una pioggia ininterrotta d’immagini; i più potenti media non fanno che trasformare il mondo in immagini e moltiplicarlo attraverso una fantasmagoria di giochi di specchi: immagini che in gran parte sono prive della necessità interna che dovrebbe caratterizzare ogni immagine, come forma e come significato, come forza di imporsi all’attenzione,come ricchezza di significati possibili.

Italo Calvino, Six Memos for the Next Millennium – Exactitude

Paolo Beccari

(Trieste, Italy – 1970)

Photographer and graphic designer, lives in Cagliari (Sardinia).

Paolo started very young studying photography in addition to school studies, sometimes preferring it to his regular course of study.
After the hight school Paolo is  oriented to study medicine at the University, but led by multiple interests, first performs military service and later choose to continue his education in photography working on the field.

Early teenager Paolo begins to attend Ugo Borsatti’s workshop. Photographer and photojournalist of Trieste, Ugo is witness of more then half a century of Trieste’s history. Ugo is also an expert darkroom printer, Paolo consider him as his authentic Mentor along many years.

Up to the age of 25 Paolo copes with almost every field of Photography with the main aim to learn, understand and have a handle on the specificity of each field. He studies Black and White darkroom techniques getting to obtain impressive results: in 1998 Borsatti himself is surprised and pleased to see Paolo’s prints at a personal exhibit.

More and more multifaceted Paolo gets involved in Graphic and Communication design since 1994 when he starts his collaboration with a graphic design studio in his town. One year later Paolo buys out the studio and add Photography to the services provided by the firm,  several years of enhancement of expertise and abilities will follow. Paolo performs work of architectural photography, still life, advertising and events.

Among the firm’s clients there are some art galleries and Paolo has the opportunity to meet such personalities as David Byrne, Anton Corbin, Sebastian Salgado e Josef Koudelka, each of whom leave a mark on Paolo path of awareness. In these years Paolo studies digital management of Colour, offset print techniques, digital printing, gaining with this further sensibility and awareness regard to image reproduction.

In the same years Paolo is involved in several personal projects. In 1999 begins his research on mining landscape of southwestern Sardinia and he accomplish an extensive reportage in Berlin on the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Wall.
In 2001-2002 the opportunity of a reportage in Israel-Palestine strongly marked his life leading him to more and more question himself on social issues, on the landscape, on the territory.
Between 2006 and 2007 also the world of fashion is interested in Paolo’s Photographic style: some of his works will be on show during Pitti Uomo and in various stores around the world. Date back to 2006, the first contacts with the MIlan on Finance that will lead Paolo to make portraits of international managers.

The year 2008 is marked by a strong interest about Paolo’s project on mining landscape of southwestern Sardinia: works from this project are exhibited in Trieste and other towns; the project is published in the on line art magazine DDMagazine; in October, the Department of Architecture of the University of Cagliari, finances an exhibition in Barcelona in the venues of the studio Arriola & Fiol Arquitectes, “The dark light of the mines of Sardinia” features 13 large prints selected by the project.
In the same year Paolo works at the project “From Monday to Monday” for the artist Hubert Scheibl who asks him to interpret the entire installation of the exhibition at Rocca Sforzesca di Dozza, near Bologna. The images will be collected in the book edited by Gallery Torbandena.

In 2009 Paolo moves to Cagliari with his family in order to continue the research on mining landscapes. Begins working with the publisher Carlo Delfino. In Naples Paolo meets the graphic designer Armando Milani for the first time, they will become friends.

In 2010 Paolo’s pictures represent Sardinia at BIT – International Tourism Exchange of Milan. Still in Milan the collaborations in the field of  Finance goes on and culminates with an advertising campaign involving 13 national newspaper and magazines. The advertising campaign, entirely designed and produced by Paolo’s studio, consists of spontaneous portraits of people involved in manual activities will be considered strong and innovative by many, especially for the financial sector.

In 2011 Paolo attends in Provence the international workshop “Dialogues in Design” held by Armando e Cynthia Milani, Roger Remington, Douglas Manchee, Giacomo Artale. The workshops focuses on the use of Photography in poster design.

In 2012 Friendship with Armando Milani lead Paolo to collaborate with him to the creation of one of his social-content posters.

Also important in 2012 meetings with the photographer Mimmo Jodice and landscape architect João Ferreira Nunes during the International Summer School of Architecture held in the territories of Sulcis-Iglesias: the places of his photographic research on mining of Sardinia.exhibited