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Signs of Time are what it would be reasonable to expected from photography.
In my Signs of Time I try to make and share my personal  jigsaw portrait of our time.


Some days I post a picture of something I have noticed and that made me reflect or suggested me an idea. Other times it is a thought in mind, something I have read or a news to suggest me the image and the text. Sometimes the image comes from my projects, but some days I love to work in a haphazard way picking up the image and thought in totally unexpected place and time, apparently untied from the rest.

Each post is a reasoning, an urgency which takes the form of an image to suggest.
But the most important thing is the reaction, the interpretation of the viewer, so I invite everyone to comment on my posts. Let me know what arouse my suggestions.


Projects depart from my questions, from my vision of what is around me. The projects are my research, my recurring themes.


Generally descend from the projects, they are the images that I consider the strongest and most representative of my work and thought. Works are printed in limited editions: the measures, printing technique and edition are always declared.

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